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Braintree Extend

Do more with your payments data

Braintree Extend is a flexible set of data-sharing tools that help you securely connect with other platforms, merchants, or service providers so you can manage and help grow your business.

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Braintree merchant

Share payment data with partners via the Braintree Vault

Third-party partner

Fast checkout

Capture new customers by creating new opportunities to buy

Today’s consumers expect brands to find them wherever they are. By applying Braintree Extend to create in-context commerce experiences, your business can reach new audiences by building native checkout flows in the places where they’re primed to buy.

Build commerce experiences alongside partner content customers trust

Bundle your offering with companion products or services

Deliver a checkout experience that looks and feels like wherever a customer is buying

Skyscanner case Skyscanner

Skyscanner: Seamless payments to multiple partners with no redirects

Travel-booking platform Skyscanner uses Braintree Extend to let travelers research, choose, and immediately book itineraries without redirecting to airlines or other partner sites, driving a 20% uplift in booking conversion.*

Read the Skyscanner story

*Data based on the business’ own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.

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Optimize and protect your payment workflow

Layer additional security and flexibility into every transaction. Braintree Extend allows merchants to securely share the most sensitive customer and payment data with third-party fraud services or secondary vault providers.

Streamline the secure sharing of sensitive data

Realize hassle-free connectivity to partners in your payments ecosystem

Maximize the intrinsic value of every transaction without sacrificing front-end experience

Vividseats case wide

Specialized fraud detection

Ticket seller Vivid Seats uses Braintree Extend to share data with a highly specialized fraud-detection partner to help prevent loss.

Monoprice case wide

Mirror data in a secondary vault and processor

Online electronics retailer Monoprice uses Braintree Extend to mirror the data in its primary Braintree vault in a secondary vault and processor, giving them redundancy to help maximize availability.


Create purchase incentives and reward repeat customers

Maximize relationships with existing buyers and help improve customer acquisition. Braintree Extend connects merchants to rewards and loyalty partners that can help incentivize purchases and keep customers coming back.

Help motivate first-time customers to buy

Reward customers for repeat purchases and loyalty

Gain an edge against your competitors with customer incentives

Yelp case Yelp

Real-time cash rebates at the point of sale

Braintree Extend helps power Yelp Cash Back, Yelp’s card-linked loyalty program, that rewards shoppers and diners at the point of sale and is used by thousands of retailers.

Want to do more with Braintree Extend?

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